Together, We Will Make Our Mark Matter Through Community, eLearning, and Compassion-Based Business Approaches.

My name is Raven Meyers, founder of Global eLearning Solutions. An eLearning consultant and strategist.

My goal is to help educators, and thought leaders like you improve and enhance, your global reach through your visual, and digital storytelling.

Perhaps you are a retired professor, or an aspiring home cook ready to share your wisdom with the world. Or you are an entrepreneur, or business wanting to create an online academy, corporate training  modules or a certification course.

My team and I can support you in launching your first digital product, course, or eLearning tool.

We have helped create and develop over 200+ courses and academies, with a growing community of 14,000 elearning samurais like you.

All with the intention, and the desire to reach their students, and audience through streaming, online learning, and micro-education techniques.

I truly believe we are all teachers, with a conscious responsibility to share our experiences, and wisdom with others.

Storytelling and teaching to me are one of the same, be it through the indigenous and traditional way, or though education and mentorship.

It’s a complete circle moving from student, to educator, and back to the student again.

A continuous path of educating, which leads to growth in all areas of our life.

So what is Global eLearning Solutions? And How Will it Benefit Others?

For 25+ years I have been serving others as an educator, consultant, creative, and technologist, in nonprofit management, education technology, and alternative medicine; specifically women’s health and midwifery.

My academic background is in Industrial Design Technology, Creative Advertising and Digital Media.

Besides my design background, I also ran a private wellness practice for women and children in Seattle, WA and Bangkok, Thailand.

Throughout my life I decided to study, apprentice, and self-teach. And with that I also became the teacher, the mentor, the influencer.

It’s a complete circle.

Global eLearning Solutions offers programs, courses, and a community that supports individuals, and businesses build their courses, or educational products in a meaningful and empowering way.

There are many courses and programs that can teach you how to launch your online product, course, or tool, but not how to design it step by step till launch!

With Global eLearning Solutions you will learn how to design, build, and launch your eLearning program, or product within our eLearning Design Academy program.

An intimate 8-week course we launch once a year. (January 2020)

Besides our program, we also offer products and solutions in eLearning design and development. 

So with that said, let’s join together and make our mark in this world matter! Not only locally, but globally.

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