A Master Design Program for Educators

I created the ‘EDA’ simply to support educators, especially creatives, as a design school focused on instructional design, and development.

This program is an invite-only program for educators, designers, and professionals who are wanting a higher level of design instruction, as well as the intimacy that coaching and mentoring brings.

As an educational technologist and designer, I have produced a design program that encompasses all areas of elearning development.

Within this program you will learn how to develop your brand storytelling, build your academy website, and membership, as well as how to craft and produce your content and digital products.

Remember this is a design program.

So the primary focus is on instructional and technical design. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech guru, you just need the desire and willingness to learn!

The benefit of this program is that not only will it give you a new or enhanced skill set, it will also add to the services you provide to your clients, or business.  

The digital design world is constantly changing, which also gives us an opportunity to level up as educators, and produce content that supports all learning styles.

As educators we should always honor the primary adult learning styles when designing.

Which are: 

  • Visual
  • Audio
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetic

Within the program I will teach you how to incorporate these models into your curriculum and online teaching methods. 

You will complete this course with a certificate in eLearning Design, and can start your own consultancy, launch an academy or digital product.

Be it for yourself, or others, you will be more mindful, as well as confident in the art of instructional design, and development.

I start accepting applications in August 2019. Please get on the list, and I will send you a personal invitation to apply.

I only accept 50 students per year, and this program goes into a private membership for students wanting more intensive training and support through my consultation. Why by invitation only? I do this, because I really want to give the opportunity to individuals who want to grow, thrive and share this learning in a compassionate and honorable way.  My course is very intensive, and is a living workshop. It’s for the strong, and the ones wanting to make their mark matter in a deeper way.

Although I will be your creative director, by the end of this master program, you will be your own.

As Lao Tzu states “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

And It starts with you…

Join us on the journey towards the Art of eLearning Design. The world is waiting.

With the deepest of respects,

Raven Meyers

Founder | Creative Director

A Little Love & Testimony 

Raven is a business and pedagogical guide, with a unique combination of spirit, conviction and knowledge about what it takes to design, construct and launch a successful online educational experience that is financially sustainable and socially impactful.  Her dichotomous attention to detail and big picture provides holistic support and assurance to organizations that have a vision to teach the world, and can apply the experience and tools that Raven has accumulated over the years. Working with Raven has provided innumerous insights, learnings and opportunities for our team and our company to continue evolving in our quest to positively impact the world through regenerative agriculture thought leadership.

Paul Bergman, Executive Chairman, Advancing Eco Agriculture | Academy Regen

Working with Raven was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. It’s not often you find a leader that is committed not only to the success of the project, but also the personal success of each of the team members. With a heart as big as her dreams the constant commitment to service she dedicates to each venture is inspiring. Her work ethic and ability to execute is unparalleled it was a privilege working with her while I did. I can honestly say that any project she puts her mind to is the safest investment a person can make.

“Gorgeous presentation, art style and don’t get me started about the music – meditative and mindful – perfect for studying and concentration. Overall – a polished piece of indie gaming that you should be proud of” (MCAT 2019 Review Game) 

Arun Mathews, MD , Chief Medical Officer

Highly recommend working with Raven. She has a gift for listening to her clients and making sense of the big picture. Her intuit along with her expertise made her the perfect fit for Mindful MediZEN. Eternally grateful.

Jane Woods, Therapist, Mindful Medizen

Dude-ess the pleasure was mine! Pretty sweet game, and thank you for doing It differently, keep up the good work!

Zubin Damania, MD aka ZDoggMD, Turntable Health

Raven has a very special gift of designing with heart and soul. She helped to weave together my passion for therapy with a touch of the spiritual foundations of mindfulness and compassion. I absolutely love my Lamplight Therapy logo and website she designed and it was fun and awe-inspiring working with her! Thank you Raven…

Antra Renault, MSW, Lamplight Therapies